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Montréal, quelle belle ville!


Chers lecteurs,

We have returned from the city of dépanneurs and reasonable ideas about alcohol! Did you miss us? We definitely missed you. It’s been too long since we sat down together like this. We hope you have been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather as much as we have.

But we see the question in your eyes: How about Expozine? Grab a drink and sit down, dear reader. We have so much to tell. But first, an expository shot.

Honorary Workpony Dan Casey reached out to help overworked Workpony Todd make all those present at Expozine feel the power of The Workhorsery. Or rather, Dan worked hard to convince passers-by that  celebrities such as George Clooney could not get enough of You and the Pirates. You know we appreciate his efforts, even if the veracity of his claims is unproven.

Like Canzine, Expozine was jam-packed with fellow producers of independent media. Elbow to elbow, but in a pleasant way because we quickly developed a camradery with our fellow exhibitors. Although not all of them; they were so many. We just do not have that kind of empathy. Happily, old friends (or rather friends acquired prior to Expozine) were there to make us laugh. Delighted to run into Kim Hoang and An Nguyen from the comics collective LoveLoveHill we befriended at Canzine. And treat of treats, longtime Workhorsery ally Jesse Staniforth graced the festival with his presence.

Along with Jennifer Whiteford (who is looking at us slyly above) and Tops.  But–and this is meant with no disrespect to the amazing people we have already noted or the other many, fine exhibitors at Expozine–the clear queen of the entire festival was ten-year-old Jasper, creator of the Mermicorn (non-Expozine attendees, you missed out on the limited edition print and are left now to speculate on what exactly a Mermicorn could look like) and several great zines such as “Crabs in My Room” and the wordless “Kitties”. This No. 1 zinester also proudly endorses The Workhorsery’s debut offering.

Further endorsements came from king of  No Media Kings, Jim Munroe, who traded books with us, much to our delight. We look forward to that rare spare moment to tear into his novel.

We would be most neglect if we did not give at least a sentence or two to our new best friends, Ta mère, whose enthusiasm for our venture shocked and surprised us. And they further amazed us with their beautiful books. Our only regret is that we are not able to read faster in French, so great is our desire to devour these tanatlizing pieces of literature as quickly as possible.

And can we take a moment to delve a little deeper into where the Pirates are going? Please don’t begrudge us this, dear readers. We met many people at Expozine, too many to list here, but among those, we feel somewhat obligated to mention the two stores now carrying You and the Pirates in Montréal. The wonderful Headquarters Galerie & Boutique have kindly taken in the Pirates along with an amazing array of indie goods, while le Pick-Up has graciously propped us up on their zine rack.

Those of you not in the Expozine area, we sense your burning regret at missing this incredible event. But! Do not let that regret envelop you! We are active in this world and you still have many chances to meet and greet. For instance, we will be showing our wares at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair in mere days (November 28, to be specific). If you are in the area, maybe you should consider stopping by? We do look forward to meeting with you. But if you are stuck in Toronto, rest easy. We will be setting up at the Toronto Small  Press Book Fair, where you can come and see the puppets from the trailer and try to buy them. We look forward to that. But mostly we look forward to showing you a world where up is down with You and the Pirates. Come, say hi. We are eager to shake your hand.

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