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Orbiting reader,

Have you read our latest novel yet? It’s called Pitouie and it is pretty good, if saying so doesn’t sound too arrogant. But we really feel our new author Derek Winkler has pulled off something quite special with his debut novel, and we are so happy to be putting it out into the world for all to enjoy. Which we did for the first time at Expozine this weekend in Montréal. Perhaps you were there? Because we saw so many people, old friends and new! A treat for us and hopefully, a treat for you.

Not a treat for our camera, though, apparently. Upon our return to Workhorsery HQ, we discovered its blurry betrayal. We will not bore you (or injure your eyes) with the out-of-focus details, but we will share a few of the more focused shots. Most importantly, our greatest celebrity endorsement ever:

Grimace loves Pitouie!

Yes, the blur of the shot cannot conceal the true nature of this celeb. Grimace is a Pitouie fan! Thanks, Grimace!

But wait, let’s back up to the start of this busy weekend.

Waiting in line for Expozine

We jumped into a steadily lengthening line, eager for our table assignment. And once we were assigned our table, we were busy running around meeting old friends. Like Love Love Hill! And Freelance Blues!

Love Love HIll and Freelance Blues

And of course, our new author was on hand for signing and other fun!

Derek Winkler, newest Workhorsery authorHe looks shaky like you’ve had one too many drinks, but trust us, that is just poor camera work. Unless you have had too much to drink. In which case, stop looking at this blog and get back to your party. We were also glad to see zinester Jesse Staniforth and Ottawa publishing tsar Adam Thomlison.

Jesse Staniforth and Adam ThomlisonAnd we are always glad to be in Montréal, city of bikes and bagels. In case you couldn’t make it to the launch of our brand-new book, don’t lose heart! Both Pitouie and You and the Pirates are available from many fine booksellers! Including, but not limited to, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly in Montréal, all Book City shops in Toronto, Blackberry Books in Vancouver, Pages on Kensington in Calgary, and Collected Works and Perfect Books in Ottawa! And if you are nowhere near any of these fine retailers, you can always order directly from our site. In fact, if you order both Pitouie and You and the Pirates, you’ll save on shipping and get amazing swag! So many ways to enrich your reading life!

PS. Catch Derek’s last day of guest-editing The Afterword! And check back for next week’s blog tour excitement!

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  1. 2010/11/20 12:21

    What handsome gentlemen you associate with! (I am referring, of course, to Grimace.)

  2. jaybee permalink
    2011/06/16 09:01

    Help! I am really hooked by your website with its wonderful promise of angst free literature but most of the pages will only reveal the half of it 😦

    I don’t think it is my system. I haven’t experienced this mid page blank-out on other sites. Just a teaser? No, I don’t think so. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  3. 2011/06/16 14:14

    Hmm. That is perplexing. We haven’t had any complaints before. What browser are you using? Maybe we can figure out what the problem is and fix it. Because we want you to see the totality of our promise of angst-free literature!

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