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Zombie Season


Eventful readers,

We sigh as we leave the delicious heat of summer behind because we do love the sun and the fun, but we always look forward to fall when we can start wearing cozy sweaters and curl up on our couch with new books. And we do have a stack of new books awaiting our cozily sweatered couch time, so it’s fortunate that September is coming upon us when it is.

But being the eager readers we are, you know that the stack presently dominating Workhorsery HQ will not be enough for us. Even if it is in fact too much for us, we cannot resist the siren song of even newer books! This is the reason we try to stay away from bookstores unless we are very serious about buying books. The money just seems to fly out of our wallets. There is one book-buying venue, however, that we scrape together our couch pennies for every year. That is Word on the Street of course! All those books! All those authors! All those readers come out to rejoice in the delight of the printed word together! For book lovers such as us (and, we assume, you joyful reader), WOTS is Christmas and Halloween and every party we are invited to all year long all wrapped up into one exhaustive and exhausting day of fun.

Not only do we give our arms a real workout lugging around all of our newly acquired treasures, we also get to bring treasures to you. In the form of our favourite books that we just happen to have published! Maybe you have heard of them? You and the Pirates? Pitouie? Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies? Even better, we will have authors Jocelyne Allen and Victoria Dunn signing books! Can you even believe how amazing this day is going to be? But wait! There’s more! (Yes, we watched too many infomercials in the wee hours of the night when we were wee Workhorses.) We’ll also have these incredible handmade bags!

These are exclusive to Word on the Street so if you are anywhere near Toronto, cancel whatever other plans you had and come and see us at Booth FB13! (Here is a map!) We will have other treats to tickle you with too! We promise you will have super book fun!

But maybe you were hoping for a more intimate session with one of our authors? Maybe you wanted to dress up like a zombie and have a party at an independent bookstore? Maybe you wanted the chance to win incredible prizes as well as have your book signed? Don’t worry, cosplay reader, we’ve got you covered. Come meet Victoria Dunn (both of them!) this Saturday at J.H. Gordon Books in Hamilton. You can pick up a copy of their hilarious debut novel Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies and partake in hilarious zombie hijinks! Come in costume as a zombie and you could win this fabulous zombie prize pack!

That is a zombie sheep crocheted by the author (one of them) herself! How can you resist??? Join The Workhorsery! We only want what’s best for you!


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