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Winsome readers,

We have been having so many adventures! And yet we have been so neglectful in sharing them with you. We suppose this is to be expected. After all, when it is time for adventuring, it is not really time for sitting and contemplating said adventures. But we do love sitting and contemplating with you, and now that the adventuring has tapered off, we have a chance to enjoy a little time with you. How have you been? Enjoying a warm autumn? Have you had a chance to break out that turtleneck you like so much?

It is hard to believe that a mere two Sundays ago we were in Queen’s Park with our author darlings Jocelyne, Victoria and Megan (the two halves who make up the whole Victoria Dunn), chatting with book lovers of all ages. And so many book lovers despite the rather chaotic weather. The wind did not stop blowing all day, and we confess that we were chilled to the bone by the time it was time to tear down in the early evening. But the wind and occasional burst of rain could not flag our spirits! Not when we had such generous readers at our table giving us their precious time and attention. We brought more than one unfamiliar reader over to The Workhorsery side with our three-book package deal. And our handmade zombie bags were roundly admired, which we must admit, made us pretty chuffed indeed.

We also met a dog with a mohawk! Really, nothing more needs to be said about such a fine event.

And the previous day, J.H. Gordon Books in Hamilton warmly welcomed our zombies for a signing/party/zombie tarot reading session, complete with tiny cupcakes! We could not have had more fun if we had tried, especially when a bottle of bubbly magically appeared to celebrate the end of a successful event. All Workhorses in attendance also found bookish treats of their own to take back home with them, so there were many levels of perfection in this day.

With all this excitement, you might think that we are worn out, spent, that we will find ourselves over the next months hibernating and planning new projects, as is our wont in the colder times of the year. But no, patient reader! We have so much more fun in store for you. Halloween is coming, the perfect time to celebrate the differently living (formerly, and pejoratively, known as zombies)! Our lips are still sealed on the details, but to be the first to know about the upcoming scary fun, follow us on Twitter. We promise not to be that person in your Twitter feed who uses those tiny missives to cobble together an entire blog post in a five-minute span. We would never abuse your trust like that. We offer fun, only fun.

PS. You can see more pics of our WOTS adventures here and zombie tarot sessions here on our facebook page.

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