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A Contest


Competitive reader,

Are you a purveyor of scary books? That is to say, do you work in a bookstore? Do you know someone who works in a bookstore? Then we have just the Halloween action for you! If you are not in the bookselling business, however, do not lose heart! We will have a treat or two for you soon enough. We make some tweetlings about said treats!

But you book people, let’s get serious here. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? By which, of course, we mean Halloween! If we had to choose two things we love deeply and passionately, those two things would have to be Halloween and bookstores. So what better way to celebrate these  loves and our latest release, Victoria Dunn’s Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies, than with a super-fantastic display contest? That was a rhetorical question: THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATE THOSE THINGS!

So what do you need to do to join us in this magical celebration of a magical time of year? First, do what you do best and create a  display for your store. But this display is for Halloween and incorporates Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies somehow.
 Then take a picture and send it to us via “electronic mail“. On Halloween we announce the winner on our facebook page! So easy!

But, dear bookseller, perhaps you are wondering just what glory your picture will grab you? The answer is, of course, so much glory in the forms of Workhorsery fun:

  • A genuine copy of Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies, autographed by the writer thereof!
  • A genuine copy of each of our previous two releases, Derek Winkler’s Pitouie and Jocelyne Allen’s You and the Pirates, both autographed by their respective authors.  That’s right, the complete three-volume Workhorsery library, all autographed and such!
  • A super-limited-edition, hand-made, artisanal Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies commemorative Workhorsery tote bag.  Trust us, they are super-nice. (Have a peek at them on our facebook page if you don’t believe us!)
  • A genuine, hand-crocheted zombie, possibly from the stop-motion animated musical trailer for Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies (See them in action!)
  • Other zombie/Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies-related treats and goodies that we haven’t decided on just yet!

We are super-excited to see what you come up with!  BLOW OUR MINDS BEFORE THE ZOMBIES EAT THEM!

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