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Differently animated reader,

That time of year is very nearly upon us, the time when the monsters roam the streets and we all start to wonder if there really are things under our beds. One more sleep until all the scary things come out to play! Did we mention we love Hallowe’en?

But is it fair to discriminate against monsters just because they are bloodsuckers or undead? Author(s) Victoria Dunn say no and they have a pretty convincing argument as to why not over at The Eyrea, the second stop on their tour to promote zombie rights. (You can read all the adventures they had on Day One here.) Learn how to be the monster you were meant to be!

And if you have not been infected with the zombie virus, how about entering our contest and winning zombie prizes? All the excitement of infection with none of the hassle of dying! It’s very simple. Just email or tweet us your answer to this very, very important question: Should zombies have human rights? The most persuasive entry will win an amazing zombie prize package:

  • Autographed copies of all three of our novels (Victoria Dunn’s Alice Hearts Welsh ZombiesDerek Winkler’s Pitouie; and Jocelyne Allen’s You and the Pirates)!
  • A genuine zombie crochet doll, possibly from the book trailer itself, definitely specially crafted by the author(s) hers/themselves!
  • Some other secret stuff related to the novel that we’re keeping top secret!
  • A hand-made, super-limited addition Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies Workhorsery tote bag to carry it all in!

Get to it! We need to hear all sides of this debate.

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