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Shoulder-checking reader,

On this, the most terrifying day of the year, we are sure you are glancing back as you walk down that dark street alone, the hard soles of your shoes clacking emptily on the concrete, echoing into the gloomy ink ahead of you where the streetlight has burnt out. Perhaps you increase the speed of your clacking steps, imagining all kinds of monsters tucked away in the bushes on either side of the deserted roadway. Vampires? Maybe. Werewolves? Quite likely. Zombies? Run!

Or stay off that monster-filled lane and  join us for fictitious monsters with Day Three of Victoria Dunn’s tour of the blogosphere over at Open Book: Toronto, where they discuss just how they came to write a novel about Welsh zombies anyway. Secret backstage information! But don’t worry, they are kind enough to keep spoilers to themselves for those of you who have not yet their hijinx-filled zombie romp through the Welsh countryside. (And if you haven’t read it yet, exactly what is stopping you?) (We only ask because we do so want to entertain you!)

And don’t forget that we are running an incredible contest to celebrate zombies, spooky times, and reading in general! If you are a book-reading type person (and we assume you are), just answer this question to win an incredible zombie prize pack:

Should zombies have human rights?

Tell us what you think at length or in one hundred forty characters or less! And if you are a book-selling type person (and you may very well be), send us a picture of your Hallowe’en book display incorporating the fabulous Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies to win your own zombie prize pack!

There is something for everyone at The Workhorsery! We love to give.

PS. This amazing contest ends on November 7, so tell us what you think before then. And sooner is always better!

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